About Us

Computer Resources is here to make it easy for educators, parents and students to find and use all available student data to:

CR has a heritage of rock-solid dependability and deep experience in supporting K-12 student management. We know that our customers rely on us for core data management so they can better serve their students and community without distraction. We will support their efforts by ensuring that the data we manage is accessible when and where they need it, and that our applications are designed to support the whole educational community. To accomplish this goal we follow five Guiding Principles:

Computer Resources has served millions of students, educators, and administrators during our 35 year history, securing a place at the intersection of reliability and innovation. Our Modular Management System for Schools allows stakeholders to implement performance-oriented applications exactly when and how they need to in order to create optimal learning environments for their students. Our team has a deep heritage of excellent service and outstanding product development, and is driven to both serve immediate educational needs while anticipating where our customers will need to be in the future. That combination of historic understanding, immediate service, and future vision makes Computer Resources a unique and valued educational partner for schools across the United States.

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